Trembling Leaf

Skeeter Skidaddler

  • Size: 2.7 fl oz (80 ml)

Sturdy aluminum bottle 80ml, 2.7 fl oz with spray top and cap, sized for air travel. Each bottle contains 75-100 applications, 300-400 hours of excellent protection. It lasts all season! The aroma is like a natural fragrance/cologne, not at all like other bug repellents.

Wonder working from the North Woods to the Caribbean, to South America, to Southeast Asia. 100% natural essential oils in a base of Maine grown and expressed organic sunflower oil - no citronella, no DEET.

One bottle of 'Skeeter Skidaddler will last longer than 2-4 bottles of the other brands. Apply 'Skeeter Skidaddler more like a fine natural fragrance ... instead of coating yourself with the others!

If the other products on the market need a bigger can or bottle it is because they fill them with a lot of water, alcohol or propellant, and less active ingredients (for that volume)! Some competing products have as little as 2% active ingredients. That is why you need to use A LOT of their product, and USE IT OFTEN.

If the skin is very damp or wet when applying Skeeter Skidaddler on the skin, it will not penetrate into the skin very well. The water in the outer skin layer will resist the absorbtion of the sunflower and essential oils, so application of the spray will leave less product behind. As they say, "Oil and Water do not mix."

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