Mountain Meadow Herbs



• Effective liquid formula
• Remove intestinal Dwellers
• Gentle, great for children

Many herbalists estimate 80% to 90% of the population is plagued by intestinal dwellers. Regardless, it’s important to periodically cleanse your body and as a liquid extract, this combination is superior.

Being up to 75% more effective than encapsulated herbs or tablets, it’s a perfect cleanse for the whole family. Catnip and ginger help to counteract stomach cramps, making it an excellent choice for children.

Nursing or Expecting Moms and children under 2: Use Olive Leaf.



Para-Rid Suggested Dosage Chart:


Age Under 2 yrs 2-5 yrs 6-11 yrs 12+ yrs Adult












Less than 25 lb



25-60 lb



61-100 lb



101-150 lb



151-200 lb



201-250 lb



250+ lb



Dosage (3 times per day before meals)



Use Olive Leaf



1 dropper



1.5 droppers



2 droppers



2.5 droppers



3 droppers



4 droppers



Oz. per person for 12 day cleanse 0



1 oz.



1.5 oz.



2 oz.



2.5 oz.



3 oz.



4 oz





Directions: Start 2 days before the full moon. Take in juice or water 3 times daily for 6 days, repeat in 1 month.


Contains: Green Rooibos Tea leaf, Quassia bark, Gentian root, Green Black Walnut hull, Sweet Wormwood herb, Cove, Catnip leaf and flower, Elecampane root, Ginger root, Fennel seed, Olive leaf, and Peppermint oil.


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