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  • Size: 4oz

Don’t have enough milk to keep your baby satisfied? You can have plenty of milk right away. Fast acting for a richer, fuller milk supply within 48 hours.

• Increase breast milk
• Richer, higher quality milk
• Happy, thriving baby





Maxi-Milk is a special blend of herbs that work to not only increase your milk supply but also make it richer and more satisfying for your baby.


Busy new moms love the convenience of simply adding ¼ to ½ teaspoon of Maxi-Milk to a glass of water 1 to 3 times daily. No more tea making!   There are no known side effects to your baby when you use Maxi-Milk to encourage a more satisfying milk supply. In fact, babies tend to gain very well and be more content.

 “This is my 7th baby, I have never had enough milk and babies did not gain well. I decided to try Maxi-Milk, to my joy I have more than enough milk and my baby is so chubby and happy! I actually had to cut back because she was gaining 11 ounces per week.” Mrs. Gingerich   






What is in Maxi-Milk?



 Organic Marshmallow root extract


Those first few weeks of breastfeeding can be shockingly painful for new moms. Marshmallow soothes irritated breast tissue making it easier to feed your little one oftener with less stress.  


Organic Blessed Thistle herb extract


Traditionally used by herbalist to stimulate and enrich lactation.


Organic Anise seed extract


Not to be confused with star anise, the gentle nature of anise seed makes it an excellent and safe choice for breastfeeding moms. Anethole, a compound found in anise seed acts as a mild phytoestrogen. By mimicking estrogen in the body, it boosts estrogen-based processes such as the production of breast milk.


Organic Stinging Nettle herb extract


Nettle has a consistent history of being a powerful galactagogue, and is believed to be completely non-toxic. Rich in iron, calcium, vitamin K, silica, potassium, lectins, phenols, sterols, lignans, and histamines, Nettle is a significant component of most natural galactagogic products.


Organic Peppermint herb extract


While too much peppermint can decrease your milk supply, a small amount can be wonderful to help keep your baby from spitting up the latest feeding.


Organic Alfalfa herb extract


May facilitate the digestion of dietary proteins in breast milk .


Organic Fennel seed extract


This seed enjoys a long history of use to increase a low milk supply. Stimulates your baby’s appetite and improves digestion.


Organic Skullcap herb extract


Anxiety and the stress of adjusting to being a new mom can play a part in not having enough milk. Skullcap gently helps you relax. May also keep thrush and yeast in check.


Organic Red Raspberry leaf extract


Most important herb for women of child bearing age, and you will want to use while breastfeeding for richer milk.


Organic Chaste Tea berry extract


Low prolactin levels can keep your body from making enough milk. Chaste Tree berry gently brings this hormone back into balance without over-correcting.


Milk Thistle seed extract:


Liver tonic and digestiveaid for a healthy, happy baby.


Lemon Balm herb extract:


This relaxing herb is often found in calming tea blends. Benefits the digestive system, may relieve gas and colic.


Maxi- Milk is a favorite of moms who struggle with having enough milk to keep their babies satisfied.  Here’s why they love it!





·           It works quickly, even during times when stress is high


·           Convenient, no tea making


·           Healthy, thriving babies


·           Happy, relaxed babies


·           No need for expensive formula








Shake well


Take ¼ teaspoon in warm water 1-3 times daily, or as needed.





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