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Herbal Calcium


Prefer a plant based calcium your body can easily assimilate? You have just found the perfect one!

• Teeth and bone support
• Balanced formula for maximum effectiveness
• Muscle and nervous system support




When you choose Herbal Calcium, you are choosing a supplement your body can benefit from right away. Herbal Calcium is plant based, with extracts of herbs highest in calcium and its best friends magnesium and silicon.


Magnesium acts as a control mechanism, regulating the amount of calcium entering the cells. Silicon’s most important role in the body is to strengthen the bones and teeth by facilitating calcium absorption.


Based on modern research, this relationship is so fundamental that it is truly impossible to form bone, teeth and connective tissue without both calcium and silica.


Did you know supplementing with a form of calcium your body cannot use can increase your discomfort and may actually cause damage? This mineral on its own does very little to restore bone and joint integrity, and especially when calcium from a non-food source like oyster shells, coral or limestone is used.




What is in Herbal Calcium?


Organic Nettle leaf extract

Stinging nettle contains a high level of naturally occurring calcium, and thanks to the genius of nature; it has the perfect ration of magnesium to help calcium make its way into the cells.  

Organic Horsetail herb extract

Horsetail is a lovely herbal gift from nature; it naturally contains the highest level of bio-available silicon known in the plant world today.



Organic Oatstraw herb extract

In a nutritional analysis, this herb ranked highest as a plant source of magnesium. It is traditionally used to calm the nervous system and was used to relieve hysteria in the days before we had Prozac.



Organic Corn silk herb extract

Yes, this extract is made using the dried silk from a freshly husked ear of corn. It was too high in silicon to ignore, plus the extract is a beautiful nutty brown color and it tastes much better than you would think. 



Organic Chamomile flower extract

High in magnesium, Chamomile not only tastes great as a tea or an extract, it has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy to help humans relax, easing muscle soreness, spasms and cramping. There is no doubt its benefits were discovered long before we knew we love it!



Organic Skullcap herb extract

Muscle twitching and wide-eyed restless nights can end thanks to the positive effects skullcap has on the nervous and skeletal system. Its flavonoids are believed to be responsible for its mild sedative effect.


Herbal Calcium is our customer's #1 favorite product and these are their favorite ways to use it:


·        Calming teething babies


·        Helping a fidgety, struggling child relax enough to pay attention


·        Helping children wind down at bedtime


·        Getting a restful night of refreshing sleep, even in late term pregnancy


·        Daily or before a high stress event


·        Easing leg cramps and growing pains


·        Torn ligaments


·        Irritability


·        Excessive stomach acid





Shake well


Take ¼ teaspoon in warm water 1-3 times daily, or as needed.

Note: This herbal extract formula is considered safe for both expecting and nursing mothers. We do suggest using with caution during early pregnancy as excessive use may stimulate uterine contractions.


If taking with Herbal Iron, be sure to take the Herbal Iron in the morning and the Herbal Calcium in the evening as they compete for absorption.


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