Mountain Meadow Herbs

Gentle Birth Formula

  • Size: 4oz

Childbirth made easier –contains nature’s finest gifts to help your body
be at its best when labor starts.

• Midwife favorite
• Have a more comfortable labor and delivery
• Shorten recovery time

The inspiration for Gentle Birth Formula came from the aged pages of an old but wise midwifery guide, where it was used as a tea to tone the uterine muscles and help prepare the mother to give birth.

This forgotten but timeless medicinal recipe was brought to life again in 2001, tested and updated to reflect what modern research has taught us about the safe use herbs.

Rather than leaving it as a tea, beautiful golden extracts were made and combined to create an easy to take, quickly absorbed, liquid formulation.

The patient Amish moms of central Michigan where the first to use Gentle Birth Formula for 5 weeks before their due date and they were amazed to truly give birth gently!



Here is what they experienced:

  • Much easier labor and delivery

  • Advanced dilation before the pains became uncomfortable (72%)

  • Minimal postpartum bleeding (87%)

  • Shorter recovery time (85%)

  • Less pain during labor and delivery (70%)

  • Shorter and easier labors for those with a history of long difficult births

  • Happier, well contented babies

Gentle Birth Formula went on to become a favorite of midwives who attend home births and even doctors comment on the smooth and easy deliveries mothers experience who use it. Today it's used in many countries around the world, including Canada, Europe, Asia, Central and South America and Australia.



                                                             What is in Gentle Birth Formula


Red Raspberry leaf extract


Used as a uterine tonic to prepare your body to give birth. May enrich colostrum for a more satisfied, well contented baby; allowing you to recover from the hardest work you have ever done. Yes, the leaves are from the same bush that produces red raspberries.  If you are taking additional Red Raspberry supplements or you are taking the Herbal Vita-Mom.we suggest using Gentle Birth without Red Raspberry.


Blessed Thistle herb extract


Physiologically, its natural bitterness stimulates organs and triggers certain glands into action; these are thought to be mainly the liver, kidneys and reproductive organs. This important female tonic is an annual herb; it is very thistle like and historically was considered a gift from God, hence the blessed in its name.



False Unicorn root extract

Prized by herbalists to balance hormones and enhance uterine health, has a normalizing effect on the ovaries and may reduce late term edema or water retention.



Blue Cohosh root extract

May improve overall uterine muscle tone- used to bring on effective contractions. Gentle birth Formula is available without this herb.  If you have high blood pressure we suggest using Gentle Birth without Blue Cohosh.



Partridge Berry herb extract

The bitter compounds in this herb ease birthing pains and soothe anxiety. May help prevent postpartum depression



Skullcap herb extract

Eases smooth muscle spasms and is very calming to the nerves to help you relax when it’s most important. Native to the U.S., this perennial creeper grows on forest floors



Motherwort herb extract

This natural cardiovascular support is rich in flavonoids plus it has a mild sedative effect to help you stay calm and focused.


Ginger root extract

May enhance the effect of all the herbs in the formulation while gently easing nausea.


Wild Yam root extract

Relaxing and soothing.  Wild yam is among the best to ease late pregnancy discomfort and birthing pains.


Bayberry root/bark

As a member of the myrtle family its astringent properties make it another cardiovascular tonic and useful in suppressing bleeding.








You will need the 4 oz. bottle for 5 weeks. Take ¼ teaspoon in warm water 1-3 times daily, or as needed.








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