Dr Wilsons

Super Adrenal Stress Formula

Minerals and vitamins for energy, stress and adrenal support

Formulated by Dr. James L. Wilson for people experiencing stress or adrenal fatigue

  • Vitamins and minerals essential to energy and adrenal hormone production
  • Optimal bioavailable forms and ratios for adrenal utilization
  • Sufficient amounts of each nutrient for effective support during stress and adrenal fatigue
  • Synergistic combination enhances efficacy of individual nutrients
  • Promotes stress resilience and proper adrenal function
  • One of the 4 products in Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Quartet
  • Unique integrated sustained release caplet to promote gradual absorption and full utilization

Suggested Use

1-5 caplets daily, or more as recommended by your health practitioner.

Stress and Minerals and Vitamins

Stress is a nutrient hog. Every time you experience stress, from too little sleep to too little money, the glands of your stress response system have to produce hormones that depend on specific vitamins and minerals for their creation. Your adrenals alone produce over 50 hormones that help you mentally and physically handle stress.

Adrenal hormones, like cortisol, regulate just about every process in your body from concentration to sex drive to sleep to help keep you in balance, energized and healthy despite the stress. Also, during menopause and andropause, your adrenals become the primary source of estrogen, testosterone and the other sex hormones.

Making adrenal hormones is a complicated process and every step requires exact amounts of certain minerals and vitamins in precise ratios. If even one nutrient is deficient or missing, your adrenal glands cannot manufacture and secrete optimal quantities of hormones. This reduced adrenal hormone production can affect energy, mood, ability to cope, sleep, sugar metabolism, menstrual cycles and many other processes dependent on adrenal hormones.

During times of stress the demand for these hormones can increase dramatically and the nutrient reserves in your adrenal glands may become depleted, contributing to adrenal fatigue. Making sure you adequately replenish these nutrients daily is an essential part of maintaining optimum adrenal function, vitality and stress resilience, especially if you are experiencing a chronically stressful lifestyle or adrenal fatigue.

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