Dr Wilsons

Adrenal POWER Powder

Caffeine-free energy booster for people on the go

Formulated by Dr. James L. Wilson for stress, adrenal fatigue and exercise recovery

  • Combines select ingredients from Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Quartet:
    • Nutrient support for energy and speedy stress recovery
    • Adaptogenic herbs for enhanced stress resilience
    • Stress gland extracts for adrenal support and fortified stress hardiness
  • Energy formula with added benefits of fiber
  • Natural flavor tastes great in milk, juice or smoothies.
  • Easy to use powder

Suggested Use

Adrenal POWER Powder® contains concentrated nutrients in a powdered form. It tastes best in smoothies, protein shakes, milk (soy, rice, goat or cow) and flavorful juices such as mango, orange or tangerine. Find the ones that work best for you. Mix or blend ½ scoop of Adrenal POWER Powder with 8 oz or more of the beverage of your choice. Take once or twice a day as a morning jump start, or as a healthy snack to recharge mid-morning, mid-afternoon, after a workout, or at any other time of the day. Take regularly and consistently for best results.

Stress and Energy

Your stress response gives you an immediate energy boost so you can physically deal with the stressor (“fight or flight” response). In the prehistoric world, stressors were typically physical threats against which a short term burst of energy increased the odds of survival. In the modern world, stressors are typically ongoing pressures against which sustained energy is required just to keep pace. Throw in some short term stresses, like vigorous exercise, an argument or a traffic jam, and your stress response system has to work even harder.

Your adrenal glands work the hardest to respond to stress and are the primary glands to lead in stress and energy recovery. One of their key functions is to release energy stores in your body so that blood sugar rises to meet the increased demand for energy during stress. In stressful times the adrenals can become fatigued, affecting many aspects of health, including energy levels.

The low energy feeling following a workout, illness or other stressful event is typically due to temporarily lowered adrenal function, and as the adrenals gain power after the stress, the fatigue and lethargy lessens. People experiencing ongoing adrenal fatigue typically notice that their energy is low, particularly in the morning and midafternoon, and that they feel more depleted than usual by exercise and have less stamina. This typical adrenal fatigue low energy pattern can be worsened by additional stress – even enjoyable stress like exercise or sex – because the adrenal glands play such an important role in generating energy.

During adrenal fatigue, it can be more difficult for your adrenals to meet this demand for increased energy, with the result that your already low energy takes a further dip. The combination of adrenal fatigue with the low blood sugar that normally occurs first thing in the morning and between meals midmorning and midafternoon can make these the lowest energy points in your day. Many people turn to caffeine and sugar to get them through these times. However, the quick energy bump caffeine and sugar provide has its downside because caffeine drives the adrenals, leaving them even more depleted over time; and sugary foods can make blood sugar spike and then drop even lower.

To enhance energy at these times of day without further draining your adrenals and disrupting blood sugar balance, it can help to provide the nutrients necessary for optimal adrenal function, plus energy support. Whether your low energy is temporary after exercise or a stressful event, or is prolonged by chronic stress, this approach is more likely to help you bounce back faster and maintain the energy to keep up all day.

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