MusculoSkeletal Formulaâ„¢

  • Count: 60

Enhanced formula that provides herbal support for bones, joints, and muscles*

Primary Support: Muscle, Bone, & Joint*
Secondary Support: Healthy Aging*

• Supports bone structure by reducing bone breakdown*
• Includes ingredients for soft tissue support of overworked muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments*
• Supports healthy connective tissue*
• Supports the circulatory system, essential to the proper maintenance and repair of skin and tissue*
• Supports aging muscles*

MusculoSkeletal Formula provides nutritional support to the structural system by supporting healthy connective tissue, bones, joints, and muscles. In addition, this beneficial formula supports aging muscles, joints, and bone by boosting the immune system, reducing bone breakdown, attenuating oxidative stress, improving blood flow, and increasing antioxidant capacity. The ingredients in this formula also nourish the marrow, supporting the body’s ability to produce normal red blood cells.

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