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We are a Functional Health and Wellness Center, we see every person and family as unique and will work with each one of you to achieve your goals. No problem is too small or too big.  We take the time to listen…

Advanced research wellness center

Comprehensive Health Testing  

We are committed to providing comprehensive health evaluations with customized nutritional protocols, using enzyme therapy, with whole food-based vitamin, mineral and herbal therapies. We utilize state of the art testing & evaluation equipment with a complete focus on wellness, as well as preventive dietary & lifestyle evaluations, with input on meal-planning / balancing.

We endeavor to use natural, gentle approaches to helping you regain and maintain your health in a timely fashion.

Our goal is to help you find answers to improving your quality of life, bringing a natural approach to your Health & Wellness… Our focus is a “whole body” approach to nutrition that joins together a deep background in the complex workings of the human body, sources of foods, affects of lifestyle on our health, and illness prevention. We now understand, more than ever before, the truth behind the phrase “We are what we eat”.

Advanced Research Wellness Center , is a Professional Health Coaching Practice and Nutritional Health and Wellness Research facility, equipped to support and help you with many different health challenges.

One of our specialties is resolving “Digestive Challenges”, including, but not limited to burping, bloating, gas, stomach & gut pain, etc. Other specialties include adrenal exhaustion, chronic fatigue, allergies, stressed Immune systems, hormone imbalances, children’s health challenges, and many more. Contact us for more info on your specific health challenge.


Here are few of the reasons our clients come to us:  

Recurring illnesses

Immune challenges       

The desire to remedy their ailments naturally

Interests in learning how to prepare healthy meals

Support on weight loss/gain/maintenance programs

Instructions on healthy eating for children

Need for more energy

Desire for Optimal Health




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